Derma Roller with 540 Micro Needles

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Titanium is bright, silvery. It's a very strong metal that's used to make items requiring extra-tough material, such as jet engine and rocket parts. Titanium is also non-allergenic and doesn't rust, so it's also used to make prosthetics, such as artificial hip and knee joints. Please look up Titanium it is silvery not gold. If your titanium is gold it can flake off on your face. 

-9disks x 60needles (540 needles in total)
-Needle material : Stainless steel / Fine titanium
-Handle/Roller Material : PC+ABS
-High sealing sterilization packaging

Scar Removal, including acne scar removal
Stretch Mark Removal / Treatment
Anti Aging
Anti Wrinkle
Cellulite Treatment / Cellulite Reduction or Removal
Hair Loss Treatment / Hair Restoration
Hyper Pigmentation Treatment

Needle sizes:
0.25mm(Home Use) - baldness, fine wrinkles, gray or thinning hair, help topicals penetrate, thicken epidermis

0.50mm(Clinical Use) - alopecia, deeper wrinkles, face rejuvenation

1.0mm(Medical Use) - loose elasticity, cellulite, stretch marks, skin pigmentation.